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Mastering the Art of Decluttering: The 5-Pile Rule for transforming a space

Decluttering a room can often feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. With the "5-Pile Rule," you'll be able to turn chaos into order and create a more organized space! Grab your decluttering supplies, and let's get started! You'll need open space to create your 5 piles or 5 boxes to separate your categories.

The Pile Rule when Decluttering and organizing

#1 - Keep

The first pile you'll want to create is a keep pile. This pile should be comprised of things that you genuinely want, need, use, and have space for. You'll want to take a hard look at your things and honestly ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" If the answer is a resounding yes, it goes in the keep pile. Remember, a clutter-free space starts with keeping only what truly adds value to your life. For additional guidance on identifying your essentials, check out our previous blog post, "5 Types of Clutter" to find out the many types of clutter that may be lying around your home. At the end of your decluttering session when you have successfully set aside all of the items that will be kept, make sure you then identify where these items will live.

#2- Donate

Think about the items that that you're ready to part with but are in decent condition to be secondhand items for someone else. Donating not only helps minimize clutter in your home, but also allows others the opportunity to get further use out of your possessions at a lower cost. Remember to be courteous by cleaning items before you drop them off at your local donation center.

#3 - Sell

This pile is where you'll place hidden treasures that could put extra money in your pocket. These items may be name brand, higher quality products, or collectibles that you're certain there's a market for. You can host a garage sale, list them online, or even take them to a local consignment shop that may have more success selling them for you. Selling your unused or unwanted possessions is a win-win – you've removed clutter and put a little extra cash in your pocket!

#4- Trash

As you're decluttering, you're sure to find items that are just beyond repair or repurposing, and that is OKAY! Those items belong in the trash pile. These are old papers, broken or expired products, or anything that is too old or damaged to be passed along to someone else. Be sure to recycle when possible and dispose of hazardous waste according to local regulations.

#5- Maybe

Finally, you're 5th pile, the maybe pile, is for items that leave you feeling indecisive. You may be unsure about letting something go because it holds sentimental value to you or you think a future time may come when you'll need these items. It's perfectly normal to have a few things that you're not ready to part with just yet. However, don't allow this pile to remain permanent clutter in your home. Be proactive about making a decision by setting a date to revisit these items. If you haven't used or missed them before your set date, it's time to let them go. For sentimental items, it may be helpful to get the support of a trusted family member or friend to come to a decision.

By following this"5 Pile Rule" for decluttering, you'll find that organizing a room can be a manageable and effective process! And if your prone to decision fatigue, having someone else present during this process to help you with these piles can be a gamechanger and ensure that you don't burnout before you reach the finish line! Remember that the goal for organizing should always be one that is personal to you. Once you've identified what your goal is and how you'll feel once that goal is met, you'll know whether your decluttering and organizing sessions are successful according to the standard you've set! This is your process!

We hope these tips help you achieve a clutter-free and more organized living space.

Happy Decluttering!


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