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Meet Jayna

Owner | Lead Organizer


I've been an organizer my entire life! Reflecting back on my childhood, I can remember routinely decluttering my home and the overwhelming satisfaction I received by creating a purposeful and functional home. My mother would often ask me where an item was and knew exactly where to locate it! I've even been told that at just two years old, I would intently clear an entire coffee table of items just to place the items back in an organized manner. I had a unique talent for utilizing space to its maximum potential. I could not have imagined that this enthusiasm for organizing and systems would one day blossom into a career.

As I grew older, I became passionate about helping people. This passion led me to study psychology as an undergrad and pursue a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my master's internship, I began working with a client that was a hoarder. That's when it clicked! I became aware of the undeniable connection between physical space and mental health. Clutter and disorder was more than just an external issue. It ran much deeper and provided more information about a person than I could have imagined.

Fast forward to today, I still enjoy meeting with clients for therapy as that part of my career journey will always have a special place in my heart. But now I place more of my focus on the joy I get from developing systems to create order in all spaces of the home. Whether you're an organized person and just don't have the time or you have no idea where to start with this organizing thing, I'm here to help! My goal is create personalized organizing solutions that work for you so you feel empowered to implement healthier living habits. Every home tells a story. That story may be saturated with grief from loss, permeated with exhaustion from an overburdened parent/partner/busy professional, or just flooded with the busyness and responsibilities of every day life. Whatever it is, let's change that together! It is my hope that these systems not only change the narrative of your home, but change you! When you take charge of your personal living space, it provides a beautiful foundation for your overall quality of life.

Ordered, LLC promises to conduct ourselves in a professional manner- maintaining open communication with you, allowing you as the client to be an active participant as you choose, and to respect you, your space, and the decisions you make throughout the organizing process.  

As a wife and mother of two, I understand how the demands of life can place the needs of our homes further down on the to-do list or honestly, not on the list at all! Together we can reclaim your space and create the environment you deserve for a happy YOU! I look forward to partnering with you in this journey toward an ordered space, mind, and life.

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Featured on QC Morning Segment - Five Steps to Organize Your Closet


Ordered, LLC was selected by Redfin as a top Charlotte, NC, organizing expert. See the Redfin article we were featured in: 20 Clever Ways to Organize and Maximize Every Room in Your Apartment (And Keep Them That Way) | Redfin

ABOUT: About
ABOUT: About

Meet Mia


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I realized at a young age that I was extraordinary, and I've always been capable of many things. I learned that I had many talents to share with the world. Young people are often pressured by society to take a traditional path in life, such as attending college and settling for a single lifelong career, but I've always known that path wasn't for me. Entrepreneurship was introduced to me a few years after I graduated high school, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I felt relieved, and now, more than ever, I was able to express myself. I’ve never felt limited in my work because of the opportunity to use multiple talents. After broadening my knowledge of entrepreneurship, I began to experiment, eventually launching my own Vegan baking company and a partnership cleaning business. 

After getting into the business, I noticed that cleaning was very therapeutic, so I started looking into other potential opportunities for people like me.  That's when I came across professional organizing. Discovering professional organizing felt like a nostalgic moment, instantly transporting me back to my childhood. As a child, I was always very neat for my age, which my mother admired in comparison to my other six siblings. As I approached adolescence, that trait

remained as living with so many people under one roof was a recipe for disaster. I was determined to ensure that everyone had an organized space so that we could all think clearly and reduce the overwhelm caused by clutter. I was always the one who unintentionally kept things clean, tidy, and decluttered, and I quickly began to find comfort in organizing spaces and staying clutter-free.


Although I knew entrepreneurship was the best path for me, I've always found comfort in caring for and helping others. Organizing has always come naturally to me, and I am excited to see what the future holds as I pursue this profession. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you!

Meet Sarah



As the oldest child of 10, I grew up in a very cluttered and messy household. Being in that environment for most of my life made me realize the kind of house I wanted for myself: uncluttered and clean!

In 2022, my fiancé and I moved into a townhouse together and I did exactly what I promised myself I would do. I created a beautiful home that is clutter-free and clean, despite having an energetic dog and two playful cats! Finally having a stress-free household made me happy, but I still wasn't satisfied with my career. I had been working in the food industry since 2015, but in no way was it my passion. 

Once I turned 30 in June of 2023, I got serious about changing careers. I ordered and read the book "What Color is Your Parachute," and it made me look at careers and myself differently. I discovered skills that I never thought about before, one of which was organizing. I soon discovered professional organizing and knew immediately that it was what I wanted to do. Not only did it sound like fun, but it also sounded like a great way for me to help others, which is also important to me!


Now, I finally feel like I have a purpose in life which is to help others by decluttering and organizing their homes. I'll get to go home every day feeling like I've helped someone while doing something I enjoy. 

Fun fact about me: Traveling is my biggest passion in life. 46 countries and counting!

Meet Mercedes



I'm a 26-year-old Rock Hill native, and organization has always been my passion. I've always had a knack for creating order and efficiency in my own life.


The joy I find in decluttering spaces, arranging items, and optimizing workflows is something I want to share with others. I believe that through professional organizing, I can turn my passion into a fulfilling career while making a positive impact on people's lives.

My goal is to help individuals and businesses streamline their environments, reduce stress, and enhance their overall quality of life. For me, there's nothing more rewarding than using my organizational skills to create a sense of peace and harmony in the lives of those I work with.

About Home Orgaizing

Home Organizing

Let's be honest... for some, it just comes naturally, while others may struggle. For those who struggle, just the thought of starting to sort through items and declutter a space or multiple spaces in your home can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be stressful. The space may have become so cluttered over months or years that it simply becomes the norm. But it doesn't have to stay that way!


Home organization does not mean that your home has to look staged and ready to sell. To me, it simply means assigning everything a home and ensuring that each item returns to its home when it's finished being used. It's about creating a system that makes it easier for you to maintain the Organizing your home allows you to be in charge of your space and belongings, instead of them being in charge of you. When you are able to take inventory of what you have and become more intentional in the ways you store and house your items, you are able to find what you need when you need it, save time, space, and lots of frustration.


Maintaining a clutter-free space is all about creating an organized system that works for you to keep your belongings in place. Disorganization can cause stress and anxiety, which negatively affects other areas of your life. I'd love to help you restore peace and create joy not only in your personal living space, but in your life. 

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