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4 Tips for a Total Spring Refresh

Updated: 5 days ago

Goodbye Winter! The official start of Spring is just around the corner but this warmer weather has inspired us to go ahead and start thinking about how we can make our home feel as fresh and new as the environment around us.

Spring is a wonderful time to embrace change, so we wanted to provide some tips for giving your home the refresh it deserves! So dust off those winter cobwebs, open a window, and take a breath of fresh air while you hop into all of your warm weather activities!

#1- Make a Spring Cleaning List

Go room by room and take inventory of all the things that don’t get regularly cleaned (i.e. curtains, baseboards, spaces behind large furniture). Once you have your list, make a schedule for when you will tackle each room.

Set yourself up for success by being realistic with your timeline. If you can only get to one room a week, then make that your goal! Everyone has varying amounts of free time and energy so taking the time to accurately assess your limits is key when setting up your schedule!

If you need to, break down the tasks even more so you can do a little here and there whenever you have an hour or two to spare. You’ve got this!

Checkout this awesome Room-by-Room Guide to Spring Cleaning to help you figure out what needs to be on your list:

#2- Transition Your Seasonal Items

This means clothes, bedding, decor, and more!

  • Clothes– Swap out your coats and sweaters for shorts and t-shirts! It’s always a fun time of year when you get to rediscover half of your wardrobe! Changing your closet seasonality is a great way to maximize your closet space so your tank tops don’t get swallowed by your sweaters and your racks aren’t overstuffed. We recommend air-tight storage bags or bins that can fit under your bed or get tucked in a secondary storage space.

  • Bedding— Switch your duvet and sheets from heavy materials to light and airy ones. We love breathable bamboo sheets and linen duvets for the warmer months! This is a great opportunity to refresh the look of your room as well!

  • Decor– If you change your decor with the seasons/holidays, now is the time to rotate! Pastels, flowers, and bright colors always get us in the mood for Spring.

  • Hobbies– The warmer weather means it’s finally time to dive back into your outdoor hobbies like gardening or tennis! Take this time to make sure you have clear, adequate space in your garage/mudroom for all of the fun pastimes you plan on doing. Move winter equipment like skiing supplies into long-term storage to keep it out of the way and in good condition for next year.

#3- Rearrange!

Want a new living room without spending a ton of $$$? Rearrange what you already have! Create new visual angles, walkways, and layouts to give your room a new energy.

Another great way to make what you already have look new is by switching out framed photos, blankets, pillows, etc for ones you have in other rooms.

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