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4 Reasons You Can’t Stay Organized

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Are you someone who wants to be organized but can never seem to get your organization systems to stick? Then this blog is for you!

Before jumping right in, I want to emphasize that organizing is a LEARNED SKILL, not an innate talent that some people have and some people don’t. Organized people aren’t magical, they’re just people that have figured out what system works for them and have practiced making organizing a priority in their life!

This blog is designed to help you identify some of the reasons why your organization systems may have failed in the past and hopefully prompt you to make a positive change in your life.

Mistake #1- You wait until you’re overwhelmed and stressed to organize

Picture this: You’ve tripped over that pile of toys one too many times and you’ve decided enough is enough, it’s time to organize once and for all right now!

In the moment it might feel like a great wave of inspiration, but whatever organization system you come up with then will likely not stand the test of time.

That is because you’re already frustrated and overwhelmed when you start the organizing process and you’re looking for a quick fix. You may start throwing things into piles and ordering the first bins you see on Amazon. But after the organization frenzy is over, you’re left with a haphazard system that is not truly integrated into the lives of you and your family. When you try to organize quickly, you may realize that you’ve forgotten the location of items or the intention of certain bins you bought. Once this happens, it’s game over and you’ll likely return to the path of least resistance when trying to put things away.

Instead, when you get to your “enough is enough” moment, pause and commit to scheduling two time slots for yourself. One slot for planning and one for actually organizing.

Mistake #2- You try to copy someone else’s system

We’ve all seen the picture perfect home organization photos on Instagram. The rainbow closet, the perfectly decanted pantry, the beautiful open shelf kitchens, etc, etc… Although this systems may be visually stunning, they may not be functional for the everyday person.

Instead of trying to conform to an inspirational photo on Pinterest, start asking yourself some questions to try to figure out how you like to interact with your space. For example:

  • Do you love being surrounded by your belongings or do you feel more at peace in clear spaces?

  • Do you need to see things to remember they’re there?

  • Would you rather find things quickly or put them away quickly?

Answering these kinds of questions can help you establish things like if you need open or closed shelving, baskets versus clear bins, and if any “catch all” bowls/baskets around the house would be an efficient way for you to tidy up or not.

Remember there are no wrong answers!

Mistake #3- You organize clutter

Believe us when we say you cannot truly organize without decluttering first!

Creating a functional organizational system means arranging your belonging in a way that is accessible, intuitive, and maximizes your space. If you hold on to things that you don’t use or need aka “clutter”, it gets in the way of any organization system you create.

Clutter stuffs your bins, blocks your shelves, and inhibits your ability to easily find or put away your belongings. If you find yourself with an overwhelming amount of “miscellaneous items” when you’re trying to organize, it’s likely that you may be trying to organize clutter.

Mistake #4- You haven’t built organizing habits into your lifestyle

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, being organized is a skill. Like all skills, it takes practice!

If you’re not sure where to start, focus on small spaces that you can practice organizing to get into the routine. This can be something like your office desk or the incoming mail pile by your front door! Make a plan for how you want to organize the space and then stick to it! Think of it as a mini-rule to yourself that everytime you see it, you organize it.

Once you’ve practiced on smaller spaces, you can move onto larger areas and eventually full rooms! Everyone’s organizing journey is different so don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re not perfect right away!

Repetition and intention is everything when it comes to organizing. We highly suggest determining what your goal is for being organized (ex. having more free time, teaching your kids to be organized, etc.) so that you have a positive motivator!

Long lasting organization systems take lots of self reflection and planning in order to survive your daily habits. That is why implementing a system that fits the day-to-day needs of you and your family is so important.

If this seems overwhelming, not to fear! At Ordered LLC, custom organizing solutions are our specialty and we would love to be a part of your organizing journey!

To learn more, contact us at

Happy Organizing!


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