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To guide you through your home organizing journey

Steps to Organize

Step 1: Remove 

Step 2: Categorize

Step 3: Declutter

Step 4: Contain

Step 5: Organize


Hoarding disorder (HD) is a mental health condition that makes it difficult to part with one’s possessions. A person with this disorder may experience significant distress when asked to get rid of items, as they feel they need to save them and often find a source a comfort in doing so. It can negatively impact aspects of one's life if left unaddressed. Check out the in-depth guide below that walks you through what hoarding disorder is, how to identify if you may be experiencing it, and how to manage it. 


Allow your gently used possessions to be of use for those in need. Consider donating what's become clutter in your home to one of these organizations that can give those items the opportunity to serve purpose in another's life. 

Available in Charlotte, NC:
*please be sure to carefully confirm the items they accept on their website before donating

Children's Books
Promising Pages -

Books, VHS tapes, DVD's, Vinyl Records, Video Games, and more
Julia's Café and Books -

Recycling Electronics
Best Buy -

Furniture, Clothing, Appliances, Household Good, etc.
Beds for Kids -
National Kidney Services -
Crisis Assistance Ministry -
Matthews Help Center -
Salvation Army -

Cleaning Service

Carolinas Top Cleaning Services -

Clean Floors -

Junk Removal

Guby Valet Trash Service -

Moving Service

Move Pack Clean -
The Best Movers -


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