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You Know It's Time To Get Organized When...


Here we go!! It's Part 2! If you haven't read Part 1, I encourage you to go back and check out my top 3 signs that tell you it's probably time you've got some organizing work to do. This post will expound upon what we already discussed. So let's get to it!

4. You're always "organizing."

I know this one sounds a little weird. I put the word organizing in quotation marks because what we often think is organizing, really isn't. To truly begin organizing a space, you must first have a clear understanding of what it means. Here's one of my favorite definitions of organizing: to arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily and quickly; to put things into a particular arrangement or order. Keywords and phrases...TO ARRANGE, ORDER, PARTICULAR ARRANGEMENT. Each of these requires intentionality and purpose. When we often think we're organizing, all we are really doing is haphazardly moving around our clutter. We tidy up a bit, stack and pile things, change the location of items, and call ourselves organizing. But clutter is clutter. Simply moving it from one area of your space to the next hasn't created anything but clutter that now has a new home. So if you're always "organizing," then you aren't really organizing. It takes a good bit more time than just shifting items. It requires sorting and categorizing, occasionally purging, and then designating a place for those items that makes them easily accessible when you need them. Hopefully, we cleared that up. Let's move on!

5. You're embarrassed by your space.

Let's be honest. If you find yourself scrambling to hide all evidence of your clutter before you have guests over, then it might be time to start organizing. Don't get me wrong. We all have to clean and spiffy up before someone comes to visit. That's completely normal and expected since we live in our homes and it's realistic for them to not always look their best. But again, if you're the one that finds themselves chucking and piling a great number of things in random out of sight places because you don't want them to be seen, then that's when we might want to address it. And it's ok! We've all been there to a certain degree because we're human. Even individuals who are natural organizers like myself can find themselves slipping back into bad habits. But as I mentioned in Part 1, once we are aware of our weaknesses, we are able to take responsibility for them and begin working on them. We're in this together! And we're moving...

6. You think you need more space or you buy things to "organize" your many items.

This one can be situational. Let's say you live in a small apartment with a small closet, bathroom, kitchen, you name it. Unfortunately, smaller living spaces mean each area is just small. You can have a decent-sized wardrobe and a fairly modest amount of things and sometimes your space can still look cluttered and overstuffed. In some cases, it truly is a matter of needing a little more space or needing to buy things to help you better organize your items with the space you have. On the other hand, we can also be very honest and say that many of us have plenty of space and more than enough items to where we really don't need more storage space. In that case, what's really needed is a good sweep through your items. This is when you put your hands on each item and make those sometimes tough decisions about what's going to stay and what's got to go. Getting rid of items can be a lot harder for some than others so I don't want to diminish this process. For those that struggle, take small steps and divide your organizing sessions into manageable parts so you don't get overwhelmed. And then when it comes to finding the need to buy organizing materials to "organize" our items, sometimes you don't really need that storage cubby or those cute baskets. Again, what's really needed is a good sweep through your items FIRST before anything is purchased. From there, if you then want to get the cute storage bins and baskets, then go for it! As long as you're using them to intentionally store your items, rather than to just have a place to put your clutter, you're doing fine!

Well, thanks for hanging in there! I hope that between Part 1 and 2, you've gotten some helpful knowledge to begin your journey towards not only having an organized space but an organized life! And remember, if it becomes too much, there are always professionals who are there to help!

Happy organizing!


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