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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

Getting started on a life-changing experience

If you're in the process of making a decision about whether to hire a professional home organizer, you're in the right place. It's a big decision and one that can change your life!

Here we go!

1. They Know How to Organize

Professional organizers have the skill to establish systems in your home that increase its functionality. They have the special ability to walk into a space and see it's potential past the clutter. When you're working with a professional that knows what to do and has a plan to implement, it eases the feelings of overwhelm you may have.

2. They Give You Permission to Let Go

There's a myriad of reasons why you may struggle with letting go of some of your possessions. But what most people need is to hear that it's ok to let stuff go. An organizer can do just that! It is often an items usefulness or the emotional ties we have to stuff that makes them difficult to part with. But what's important to remember is that clutter is clutter regardless of how useful, expensive, or sentimental the item. If it serves no current purpose in your life and lies idle in your home taking up space, it's likely clutter. A home organizer can be present and patient with you in those moments, giving you permission to express gratitude and let go with kindness. We aren't meant to be bound by material possessions. There is freedom to choose! In letting go, I help my clients focus on what can be gained rather than what they perceive will be lost.

3. They Can Teach You How to Declutter

Often times attempts at organizing on your own fail due to lack of properly decluttering or not decluttering at all. During this process, a professional organizer will prompt you to make decisions about your possessions by asking several questions. What's cool about decluttering is that organizer can't do it for you because it isn't their belongings to throw out. This major step in organizing is one that basically requires (or strongly suggests) you to be present. While this process may seem intimidating, rest assured the organizer will not make you get rid of anything you aren't ready to part with. They can however teach you how to determine what best fits in your life at the current time and how to engage in this process as you continue to purchase more items in the future. With this skill, you'll be more equipped to ensure the clutter doesn't build up again and to teach others in your home.

4. You're Too Overwhelmed or Don't Have Time

If just looking at your home overwhelms you or you can't even find the time to do it, then you definitely should consider hiring a professional organizer. Most of my clients fall into this category. They are busy parents and/or professionals just trying to get through the day-to-day busyness of life and the needs of their home tend to fall lower on the list of priorities. If this is you, hiring a pro organizer to check it off your to-do list can quickly allow you to reset and make those daily tasks like cooking and getting dressed much simpler for you. They'll save you even more time by creating systems to streamline your life.

5. When You're Going Through a Life Transition

Life takes us in so many different directions. Because you and your needs are always evolving, what you own should change with you. In the same way you might want to switch up your wardrobe every couple of years, you want your possessions to reflect who you currently are or at least who you aspire to be. Examples of these life transitions include: getting married, having children, moving, loss of a loved one, new employment, retirement, becoming an empty nester, and so many more. As you navigate through each stage of your life, while is healthy and appropriate to hold on to a few items as mementos, it's also healthy and appropriate to purge and organize to make room for new. Your state of living should never be constant. It should be as ever-changing as you and your life are. If you're going through a life-transition, hiring a professional organizer can help you get a fresh start or reset and edit your home to make it a functional and relevant space for you and your family.

These are simply 5 common reasons that I've encountered and why many of my clients chose to hire me. There are for sure so many more! As a therapist, I'm always promoting the mental health benefits you gain from an organized home. Reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and more time and energy just to name a few. I think we all can agree that having more energy and a few less things to worry about can make for a heathier mind and life! The even better news is you don't have to figure out this whole organizing thing on your own.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey toward an organized space and mind today!

If you're local to Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas, schedule your free consultation to work with me!


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