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Moving Prep + Unpacking Packages

This all inclusive service includes:

  • A walkthrough of the space at the onsite or video consultation to better understand your goals and vision for the space

  • Working with you to declutter before the packing begins

  • Sorting and grouping items for packing

  • Packing and labeling boxes (for moving)

  • Taking any trash and donations (one car-load per session)

  • Scheduling removal services for larger/bulk items if needed

  • Move management - facilitating the moving process, ensuring the movers place all boxes/furniture in their designated rooms (full move package only)

  • Shopping for organizing products we will need in your new home

  • Unpacking your items upon completion of the move

  • Categorizing and placing items in their prospective rooms

  • Labeling any contained categories

  • Contact with me through email and phone throughout the duration of the project


4-8 sessions (24-48 hours)



4-8 sessions (24-48 hours)




Make moving less stressful by decluttering and organizing the items you desire to keep before the move. Or get help with organizing your new home by assigning a home for each of your items.

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