Creating beautifully organized and functional spaces in Charlotte, NC and
surrounding areas. 

Meet Jayna

Hi! I'm Jayna. I'm a licensed therapist, professional home organizer, and founder of Ordered, LLC. Don't run away just yet! I promise I won't counsel you! But what I will do is use my skills to be present and patient with you as we work through your clutter issues together and clear up your physical and mental space!

As busy as you are being the wonderful you that you are, you deserve to come home to a functional space that you can take pride in and easily maintain! I'd love to help you on your journey towards an ordered space and ultimately an ordered life!

Well Organized Closet

what we do

We believe your home should be a happy place; not a place of stress and disorder. Ordered is a home organizing business dedicated to helping people lead more peaceful and happier lives by creating personalized organizing systems that increase the functionality of the home and your productivity and effectiveness in it. By maintaining these systems, you gain more time to focus on who and what you enjoy most.


what we offer

Home + Office

Increase your efficiency and productivity in your home by creating organizing solutions to help you store your possessions beautifully and intentionally. 

Make moving less stressful by decluttering and organizing the items you desire to keep before the move. Or get help with organizing your new home by assigning a home for each of your items.

Moving Prep + Unpacking

Virtual Organizing

Want to do the work yourself but have the same in-person support? No problem! Try virtual organizing and let us be with you every step of the way!


Don't get caught stuck back in the same disorder that started you on your organizing journey. Let's maintain your progress together!


Jayna is AMAZING! She is a joy to work with, kind, and supportive! She is very professional and responsive. She has helped me get rid of things that I have had a hard time letting go of. Her gentle demeanor made the emotional process so much easier than I expected. She has a knack for organizing and a great eye for decor. I love working with and highly recommend Jayna!


Joy is not in things; it is in us



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