Organizational skills are essential for success, requiring discipline and consistency. It's more about an organized life than it is an organized space.

Jayna L.

Meet Jayna

Founder, Owner, and Professional Organizer

Jayna has been an organizer and planner her whole life. She was a unique little girl who was always decluttering her home by sorting through mail and rearranging and categorizing various items in the home. She had a talent for utilizing space to its maximum potential, believing that every item needed a designated place and that if it didn’t have one, it was clutter.

Along with her enthusiasm for organizing, Jayna has a passion for helping and getting to know people. It is this passion that led her to study psychology as an undergrad and pursue a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. While completing her master’s internship, her love for organizing naturally aligned with her therapeutic work when she began working with a client who was a hoarder. She found her greatest joy in helping this client bring joy to her life. In doing so, she learned that the process of decluttering and organizing is a system that creates a sense of peace in one’s life. And with peace, comes joy! It is this peace and joy that she strives to maintain in her own household, as a wife and mother of two. She hopes to share that peace and joy with you! For fun, she enjoys trying new cooking and baking recipes she finds on Pinterest, decorating, and DIY projects for the home, parties, and events. 

Our goal is to help you create organizing solutions that work for you so you are empowered to carry out a personalized system to bring peace and joy to your home and life. When you take charge and have your personal living space in order, we believe it provides a beautiful foundation for your life and well-being. Ordered space, ordered life!

Let's do this together!


Our Mission

Our mission as professional organizer in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas is to help people lead more peaceful and happier lives through organizing systems. Together, we can create organizing solutions that work to empower you to carry out a personalized system that brings peace and joy to your home and life. By maintaining these systems, you gain more time to focus on what and who you enjoy most. Great service begins and ends with a friendly professional who is willing to adjust to the needs of their clients. We will strive to provide what you need in a manner that exceeds your expectations. We look forward to serving you. 

Our Promises

We promise to conduct ourselves in a professional manner and maintain open communication with you as the client throughout the organizing process.

We promise to allow you as the client to be an active participant in the organizing process. 

We promise to respect you, your space, and the decisions you make throughout the organizing process.